Sizing the raised beds.


The raised beds on my plot are approximately 50" wide by 100" long.
They are not perfectly rectangular as I made the paths a standard size and also made three fit in the space available.
So they are a bit wider at one end than the other, I've had no complaints from the veg as yet!
You don't want to make them too wide as you should be able to reach the middle from the sides.

I lined my paths with old carpet, avoid synthetic carpets.
If you ask around someone will usually have one in their loft or garage they would be only too pleased to get rid of.

Below is a picture of my plot. Excuse the mess, I will be tidying up once the weather warms up.

The beds at the back of the green house are tailored to fit.

So basically craft your beds to use make the best use of your ground.

It should be noted that these "little fences" are about 4 years old and still going strong!

I have added a picture from 2009 showing a bit more "action".